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Thread: Neo Ventilator

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    Neo Ventilator

    I just received the much anticipated Ventilator today after a nearly three week wait. After unboxing it, I connected it to my system using a Computer Software Hammond VB-3. My system is in stereo and it's obvious that stereo certainly showcases the Ventilator very well. The default settings worked nicely. I did like being able to adjust between the upper and lower rotors with the balance knob. I also slowed the acceleration down just a bit so it would linger in the accelerating and de-accelerating mode just a tad longer. My first impression was that it's better than any simulated Leslie I had ever heard. The normal failures found in simulators such as the high drawbars sounding synthetic and the overall tone sounding electronic wasn't there. At least, not nearly as much. A very pleasing sound altogether.

    Next, I took it into the shop and connected it to a Hammond C-3. This C-3 has a main/echo switch with a 142 connected. This was great as I could "A~B" between the two. First off, the signal out of the Hammond is way too hot for this device. I grabbed a small mixer and inserted it between the organ and the Ventilator. Now the levels could be balanced. I connected the output of the Ventilator into a Yamaha powered speaker...mono. My impression here was that even though it sounded better than anything I've heard before in a sim, it had little dimension compared to the Leslie. There was no "real" movement, just there coming out of that single speaker. Since it didn't seem to be a moving or have a wide sound, I felt it sounded a little fake.

    Next, I connected it up in stereo with two Yamaha powered speakers. (4115's) Woo Hoo!! That's the ticket. This thing is amazing!</p>

    I took time to play with the EQ on the mixer to get the tone as close to the 142 Leslie as possible. This amounted to cutting the highs a little more but not too much because I like it a little brighter. The Ventilator just keeps getting better. I had to turn down the horns in the Yamaha's as well. It seemed that having the Yamaha's pointed directly at me still made the sound a little too "in your face" which a Leslie doesn't normally do. Makes sense. I decided to turn them away at about a 45 degree angle. Speakers slightly back to back, one pointed left and the other pointed right. Now there is more interplay with the room and again, it keeps getting better.</p>

    So here's my take...I'm definitely keeping it! If a Church or band was playing with a mic'd Leslie, this simulator would certainly replace that setup easy. With the two powered 4115's, I could see using the Ventilator instead of a Leslie myself. There is more tone control, more power, and a really great sound. It's easy to forget that no "real" Leslie is being used. I suspect that many in a blind test under the proper conditions would have trouble telling the difference. That's a bold statement but hey, this thing is amazing.</p>

    Now as a disclaimer, I am fine with clones and have been using them for 5 years. I have used them through a Leslie 145 and I believe that helps the clone a lot. I was a little disappointed with the Ventilator on the VB-3 but I plan to do some tweaking there. It is usable and I would rather have it instead of mic-ing a Leslie off stage. I also work with all kinds of Hammond's and Leslie's in my work nearly everyday so yes, I know what the standards are.

    I think another good use for those who want to use their Leslie is as a backup. Imagine getting to Church or to your gig and the Leslie is dead. The Ventilator is a reasonable substitute in a pinch. Still, in the right setup, it's strong enough to replace the Leslie altogether.</p>

    I plan on showcasing this in some local Churches and will report back the findings.</p>


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    Re: Neo Ventilator

    Thanks Geo!</p>

    What's the price and availability like?</p>

    Is it a luxury item that's only going to those who need it enough and can pay or are they going to produce it in China and flood the market with these babies?</p>
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    Re: Neo Ventilator

    Great review from someone who knows the subject. Thanks.
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    Re: Neo Ventilator

    <div>Woooo Hooooo ! A rave review ! That's what I wanted to hear ! My Ventilator *should* be here tomorrow or Saturday so needless to say I'm excited.</div><div>I play a stereo setup on stage and the PA is stereo so I should be set ! Brendon...I ordered mine from Gand Music in Northfield, Illinois but Neo has a list of dealers worldwide here . Mine was $510.00 with shipping. I was glad to read a good review from you Geo because it certainly seems you have everything at hand to be able to A / B the unit. Thanks for your thoughts and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of mine. </div><div> Peace, Cal</div>

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    Re: Neo Ventilator

    [quote user="Brendon Wright"]

    Thanks Geo!</P>

    What's the price and availability like?</P>

    Is it a luxury item that's only going to those who need it enough and can pay or are they going to produce it in China and flood the market with these babies?</P>


    There is a store in North Central MA where I found an price online of the Neo for 499$. Add another 20$ for the power adaptor. </P></P>

    Probably be a while before we see them used on ebay
    It will be interesting to see how their supply and demand work out.</P>

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    Re: Neo Ventilator

    The Ventilator comes with the ac adapter , seems the price everywhere is $499</p>


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    Re: Neo Ventilator

    Thanks for the review. It seems a bit pricey, but I suppose its got a proprietary chip in there and all. I was real impressed with the sound through headphones on the youtube video that Dr. Lonnie Smith did. It was actually recorded pretty well and you could hear the function to move the center to right or left a bit. Would really like one, but think I'll have to wait a few years till they hit the used market on Ebay or CL.</p>



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    Re: Neo Ventilator

    Sounds like a nice unit. Although from watching the videos it looked kinda awkward to switch speeds. I guess you can add some kind of pedal?

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    Re: Neo Ventilator

    [quote user="MikaelEdebro"]Sounds like a nice unit. Although from watching the videos it looked kinda awkward to switch speeds. I guess you can add some kind of pedal?[/quote]</p>

    Yes. It has a remote jack for your external switch. I use a pedal. It is compatible with the Hammond Suzuki half moon switch used on the new B-3's. It can provide stop, slow and fast. In my case, I just use slow and fast. For years I have preferred a pedal that stays on slow until I put my foot on it. As long as I press it, it goes fast, as soon as I release it, it goes slow. The toggle type switches I have never liked because they are harder to push and noisy. Mostly you can forget which speed it's in momentarily. If you have a momentary switch it's easier to keep track. Press for fast, release for slow. </p>

    When I present this to some local Churches, I will bring a half moon switch and probably velcro it to the organ for the demo. </p>


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    Re: Neo Ventilator

    [quote user="geoelectro"] .....I connected it up in stereo with two...powered speakers. Woo Hoo!! That's the ticket.....[/quote]</P>

    .....which is, of course,the very best wayto get themost pleasingsonic resultsfromany instrument or gizmo* that featuresstereo samples, modelling, or effect generation. </P>

    * [a "clonewheel", a digital piano, a Leslie simulator, or whatever (major clue: L/R outputs)] </P>

    As with*, any Leslie simulator, whether it's built-in to an instrument or free-standing,
    must be based on both of our natural abilities to: </P>

    A)- hear, with our two ears, two (however slightly) different sounds,
    B)- perceive any interaction between them.</P>

    Therefore, IMO, it follows that * will ultimately sound their best in stereo.</P>

    Sure, you can run 'em mono, but... hears (sic)one singleexample: </P>

    mono headphones? []</P>


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