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Thread: Kilgen Opus List?

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    Kilgen Opus List?

    I am trying to find out specifically when our organ was built. I have found that it is Kilgen Opus #4810, but cannot seem to find an opus list, most likely because they are no longer in business. I am sure that there is one somewhere though...the only question is where? Here is a link to info about the organ -

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    Re: Kilgen Opus List?

    I havea kilgen organ to, and would like to know when it was manufactured and who originally had it installed. Have you had any luck in finding a list or any contacts?</P>



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    Re: Kilgen Opus List?

    <FONT face=Verdana>You may wish to consult The Encyclopedia of the American Theatre Organ 1985 by David L. Junchen. It may have the information you are looking for.</FONT></P>

    <FONT face=Verdana>In the meantime, I found a listing on the Internet for Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary/St. Stephen Church, in Brooklyn. Their Kilgen, opus 4793, was built in 1931. It was replaced by another Kilgen when the church burned in 1952. 4793 isreally quiteclose to your opus number, so 1931 might just be the year yours was built.</FONT></P>

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    Are the original Kilgen archives still existing? I am looking for some original stoplists in the 30's and especially that of a now dismantled organ.

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    re: Kilgen records

    You might try contacting the St. Louis (Pipe) Organ Company. They are as close to what one could call the 'successor' to the Kilgen company.

    Rick in VA

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