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Thread: Gulbransen Organ Value

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    Gulbransen Organ Value

    I have a Gulbransen Organ Model E- T, Serial Number 48008 which I contemplate selling. Can anyone give me a possible value for this unit or direct me to an organization/individual that can assist in determining its value? Thedescription appearing on the owner's manual is Mode E TheatreOrgan and Traditional Organ. The Model E-T is what appears on the Manufacturer'e Warranty.

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    Re: Gulbransen Organ Value

    Hi. First, double-check that model number. It should either be E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, or E-6. I am not aware of any E-T but who knows??. Posting a photo would help.</P>

    In any case ... in perfect condition the organ is not worth any more than maybe a few hundred bucks. I tried selling my completely refurbished 1966 E-4 (solid state amp, 2-speed internal Leslie, colored tabs) for 500, then 300, then 100, and finally donated it to a local family. Maybe you will have better luck than I did.</P>

    If you care about keeping the organ intact, then don't give it away willy nilly ...or else surely someone will get a hold of it and rip out the Leslie parts and the tube amp (if it has a tube amp - not all of them did) , and maybe scavenge a few other parts, and throw the rest in the dump. I love these old Gulbransens and hate to see that happen to them. If you have to sell it very cheap or donate it, be sure that it is going to someone who will really appreciate it. Again that is only if you care what happens to it. If not, do whatever you wish with it. Good luck.</P>

    - jim</P>
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    Re: Gulbransen Organ Value

    Hi, I'm Jim's partner in crime in being a great gully fan. Please tell us where your organ is located because thereis a limited area in which trucking the organ to a new location is feasible. I usually tell seller's that Craigslist is the number 1 source for advertising an organ for sale.</P>

    Depending on the condition of the organ as Jim has said, right now itmay go for as little as$100 and if the owner needs the room for another organ the organ for saleends up being given away. Both Jimmy and I have done that. Best wishes for finding the right buyer! In fact I was just talking with the family taking my latest donation yesterday and they are hoping to sell the organ in their home through a yard sale to make room for mine.</P>

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