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Thread: Wersi Beta DX 400

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    Room acoustics and speaker responses are the largest variation in any room, which is why unless you have properly setup pro speakers, the internal audio recording will sound nothing like what you hear in the room, hence you must always use high quality headphones when setting up for recordings. (This applies to all instruments that use speakers)

    If you listen to YouTube videos of organs/keyboards, you will find that 95% of the ones that sound the best, have either been professional done, or the user is wearing headphones. (The worst ones being recorded with phones or camcorder mics)

    If you want to use speakers to setup your recording you will need to use something like this to set everything up properly first. (Also, available as a VST Effect ) to balance the internal speakers as well as external speakers.

    NOTE: While the EQ in an instrument can help, it is normally too basic to be really effective.

    Hope this helps


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    Seamaster - DV247 tried to advise to go 700 with external non-Vocalis speakers, but I was pig headed and wanted the 800, as I thought they couldn't be that bad, but they were. Still, I do have the flexibility now to have both, which I couldn't have done if I had gone for the 700 (non-LS version).

    Bill, to pick up on your point, if I were doing this for anything other than pleasure and fun, I would go about this all differently, but as it is I am using it in a home lounge environment, and whilst happy not to have 100% accurate recordings vs playback, the internals were just nothing like the recording, and distorted at anything other than mid level sound. When the Sonic first arrived, it was so bad I thought it was defective, and had to play around changing factory defaults for output EQ just so that it didn't distort. They really should have tweaked those factory defaults to remove distortion.

    The Adam's aren't perfect, primarily because I have them in a lounge environment with carpets, curtains, sofa's etc, but, they are an order of magnitude better than the Wersi speakers (internal or Vocalis) and I for one am absolutely delighted with them. With hindsight, I should have gone for the 700 non-LS and these Adam's, but got such a good price on the 800, that I am not too bothered.

    I know that some other owners have the A7X Adam's, with a sub, but I can assure you that the A8X's don't need a sub, and can really kick out some bass (and they were a bargain!)

    Hope that helps

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