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Thread: Baldwin Orga-Sonic Model 77

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    Baldwin Orga-Sonic Model 77

    Ok, so I am new to this site and to organs in general and if this is in the wrong spot, please let me know. Anyway, today at my local thrift shop I found a Baldwin Orgasonic model 77 for $20. It (mostly) worked, so I decided, what the heck? I got it home, fixed a few things, and now I am trying to find out more about it. I haven't found out anything other than what I have observed. Its solid state, 2 12" speakers (one goes through this spinning funnel), 13 base pedals, 44 keys on each keyboard, and various tones and effects for each one. Does anyone have any more info on these?

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    Re: Baldwin Orga-Sonic Model 77

    I've owned a few OrgaSonics along my way as a collector and actually learned to play on a model 61 when I was a youngster. Most of them were quite basic, but some of the later ones had panoramic tone (advertised for concert hall sound at home) and theatrical tremolo (a rotor that distributes the flute channel output mechanically for a doppler effect that simulates theater pipe organ tone).</P>

    Registration was largely orchestral on these instruments and the tone is rather mellow as Baldwin had a large following in the church market. To give added strength to a reed or string solo (one tab) you can add tibia 8. Generally for pop music you will want somelightvibrato with a solo tone as well. I gave a 71 to a neighbor just a few months ago and was able to find the lesson books for OrgaSonic on Ebay for them. If you are serious about maintaining the organ you should also check there for a service manual.</P>

    Check our archives for the folks who still maintain all the service information on the Baldwin line.</P>

    You mention solid state. In my experience only the generator system changed to solid state on most of the OrgaSonic line. The amplifier continued to use tubes and today there are audiophiles who consider that a very desirable thing. If the instrument was in clean condition and playing well you scored a great buy.</P>

    My lowest purchases for a spinet in East Central Florida has been $35. You must have caught the thrift store on a sale day! Best wishes for enjoying the 77.</P>

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