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Thread: Baldwin Fun Machine - schematics?? Repair. . .

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    Baldwin Fun Machine - schematics?? Repair. . .

    Hi there, I have several of these &amp; love them. I actually use them to gig and record, especially the original, basic models - I think the 121W is the best. But they tend to be a bit noisy, and I'd like to do some basic maintenance like replacing filter caps &amp; installing a grounded plug, which I imagine might help. . . but no repair shops will go near them, so I was hoping I could track down some maintenance materials and then maybe I could use that as bait, or talk a friend with some soldering skills into coming over to help me out. Does anyone have something like this or know where to look for some schematics?</p>

    In fantasy land, it would even be nice to figure out where the different sound components are combined in the maze of wires and be able to fine-tune the mix or take separate outputs for recording or surround-sound performances. But even if anyone has any suggestions like where to add some shielding, etc. . .that would be appreciated!</p>



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    Re: Baldwin Fun Machine - schematics?? Repair. . .

    See archive thread consider shopping the baldwin sellers section on Ebay.

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    Re: Baldwin Fun Machine - schematics?? Repair. . .

    Thanks I'll check it out. . .I have found an original owner's manual and an illustrated instructional book on ebay, they're great!</p>


    Also, I managed to solve my issue with a little advice from an electronically gifted friend - the light behind the console is flourescent, which was causing most of the buzz. Fortunately, there is a plastic clip/junction that I easily disconnected which turned off the bulb and quited the thing down. It's a shame to perform without it lit up, but for recording this is perfect. . .if I get ambitious I may try to get in there and replace it with some DC lights or even bright LEDs.


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