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Thread: Hammond M3 Broken Start Switch

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    Hammond M3 Broken Start Switch

    Hello all! Somehow my start switch wasinadvertently broken off in transit to a gig last evening. Damn. We had to "jumpstart" the organ with a small screwdriver. The entire toggle switch was "ripped" out of its socket. How difficult is it to replace this switch?
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    Re: Hammond M3 Broken Start Switch

    You can buy replacements on ebay, or from Goff Professional. I wouldn't think they'd be that hard to replace--there are just a couple wires that run to them. You just have to be careful to wire them the right way because there were two types of switches made. Look for a replacement and wire it the same as your M3's is, and see if that works or not.</p>

    I think both Goff and Tonewheel General sell individual switches if that's what you want, but you can get the whole assembly on ebay or Goff. Couldn't find the set of both on Tonewheel General.
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    Re: Hammond M3 Broken Start Switch

    Halfmoon sells an entire prewired Start/Run switch module -</P></P>
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