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Thread: Viscount Domus 5 repair

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    Viscount Domus 5 repair


    I'm french, living in Paris and I have just recovered my old 1983 Viscount Domus 5.</p>

    But I've lost the user's manual...</p>

    Who knows if the electronic shema was printed in the user's hand book?</p>

    Perhaps someone would be kind to sell me his old manual or send me a copy? </p>

    I wonder about some integrated circuits : </p>

    88128,82120,87831, mc 3403, 7947D and other 4727AE...</p>

    These models dont exist today and I'm looking for equivalents.</p>

    Thanks for help and</p>

    if you come to Paris, France, have a look one sunday at St-Georges de la Villette Church.</p>


    Best regards</p>




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    Re: Viscount Domus 5 repair


    Well... my Domus 5 is ok now, I replaced the main switch, ten contact needles in the keeboard for 0.4 mm silver wire and I've changed the 24V bulb that was out of order in the expression pedal for a white led with 1200 ohm resistor.</p>

    Next duty : change all the polarised chimic condensers : there is a slight rumble somewhere in the amplifier. At least, I will do something to mute the noise of the pedal board.</p>

    If someone knows anything about the electronic chips... It would be great - one stop doesn't speak.</p>


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    Hello. I'm back, speaking to myself...
    well... near to one year is passed today and my Domus 5 is ok. All chimic condensers are changed, all key needles are fixed and I found out my user manual with the shematic diagram. It will play for years.

    Thanks for help.

    Best regards


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    I'm also French, and I also have a Domus 5. Could you help me for the reparations?
    I'd also like to get the shematic diagram.
    Can you reply through e-mail?


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    I'm also French. I've a domus 5 that has some problems with Hall effect.
    So I've the same question as Delphine about schematics. I'd be very happy if you could help me as well.
    Thanks in advance,

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    about schematics

    I'm too interesting for schematics DOmus5. If can someone send min on priv e-mail
    and i dont live in French. I'm from Poland, and live in Ukraina. Do You have help me?


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