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Thread: Hammond X66 for Sale

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    Hammond X66 for Sale

    I have a Hammond X66 for sale - it belongs to my mother-in-law, who used to play professionally, but has since
    retired. The organ is in good condition andthere is also a tone cabinet.She'd like to get $10,000 for it but I have no idea if that is a realistic amount or not. I'm open to offers. The organ is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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    Re: Hammond X66 for Sale

    Hi there, I'm sorry that the organ is no longer used by your mother in law....unfortunatley the price is MUCh lower than that that you could get. Check ebay for completed sales to see what they sell for.

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    Re: Hammond X66 for Sale

    John's spot on, and it's definitely completed eBay sales you should look at, as many of the prices asked are way too high and no-one bids.</p>

    As for $10K, well that's roughly what it cost new, back in 1967. Although it's classed by many (but not all) as a 'vintage' Hammond and hasn't suffered the depreciation to zero value that almost all organs that old have done, I think to be realistic, you might well divide that figure by 5 to 10. Depends on where you are, and what the local market is like.

    There are still some X66 enthusiasts out there, and a very few dealers who will take one in, but they all know exactly what the market is and how much it's worth.</p>


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    Re: Hammond X66 for Sale

    There was one kicking around on my local classifieds a year or two ago. The guy was asking $400 for an X66 plus a Leslie 900 or 910, and a Series 10 tone cabinet (or was it Series 12?--whichever.) The ad kept popping upfor at least 3 or 4 months, so obviously he had no takers for quite some time. Don't know if he eventually found a buyer or just gave up! ...Kind of sad really,considering that (as Andy mentioned) they were extremely expensive back when they came out.</P>

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