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by jordan312, Published on 00:25, 14th Oct 2017
two manual and pedal organ with lots and lots of stops. Rodgers 770 Exeter classic church organ with two external speakers. Medium oak finish in great shape. Everything works great. In tune. Does not have piano or harpsicord options. Does not have glockenspiel option. At ground level - not s
by HCOSI, Published on 01:05, 13th Oct 2017
I have a Rodgers Model 735 for sale. It includes the external audio system. The organ was on a service contract with the local dealer and had routine maintenance. It is in excellent condition and was in a med-large church. Email me at for more information. Professional delivery and

Rodgers MX-200 $1,700.00

by HCOSI, Published on 00:51, 13th Oct 2017
I have a working Rodgers MX-200 for sale.
by John Waters, Published on 13:25, 11th Oct 2017
We have 11 FR 1.7 Tone Cabinets and 3 SW 7.5A Tone Cabinets for Sale All in good working order. Contact John Waters at

Lowrey Portable T-1 Free Offer

by JesseG, Published on 02:42, 11th Oct 2017
LowreyPortable Model T-1 (from mid-1960s). Console in fair condition,other parts in varying shape. Should work, but I haven't tried it. Can do some testing if there's any interest. Just hate to see it go to thelandfill if anyone can use it, even for parts.
by RyanABoyce, Published on 05:28, 3rd Oct 2017
looking for a nice two manual organ that is no longer in use for a small church. Preferably in excellent working order and in the State of New Jersey.
by Crewser, Published on 16:17, 1st Oct 2017
I have started back into playing the organ after 35 years away from it. I have acquired an A100 that seems to work ok but had a lot of distortion in the speakers at high volume. I ran the numbers on the speakers and they seem to be from a mid 60's M111, I am looking for an original set to replace th
by paul2169, Published on 15:27, 26th Sep 2017
by dave3, Published on 18:49, 25th Sep 2017
Woofers newly refoamed. Tested and sound great. Selling in pairs $225/pair OBO. 2 pairs available. Local pickup only, Chicago area.
by toodles, Published on 00:00, 23rd Sep 2017
Allen ADC-4300 drawknob organ with 5-channel audio. Contact me for the stoplist and any particulars. Asking $6,000 but make an offer. Too many organs, not enough space, and I'm planning to move. Buyer to arrange for moving, but I can suggest a moving company if needed.

by pvbuelow, Published on 19:42, 21st Sep 2017
by Pianoman1969, Published on 05:30, 20th Sep 2017
Lowrey "Holiday" LSC-1, 1960. One owner, with original bench, owner manual and music books. All pedals and keys work, except for a couple on upper register which may need contacts cleaned? Great shape for an organ of this age, with minor defects one would expect with an organ this age. Free to good
by toodles, Published on 02:07, 20th Sep 2017
Devtronix Combination Action system for 80+stops. This is a flexible system with motherboards for each division, and 4-stop memory cards that plug into the motherboard. Dual memory system. A capacitive discharge power supply is available; logic power supplies are also required, but I'm not sure if I
by DavePedal, Published on 14:54, 14th Sep 2017
I am dismantling a TTR 100. The case is not available but the lid is. All manuals, TWG with motor and scanner. I also have a few spare boards for mods. No power amp but board available. PSU and pedals.Free parts, but pickup is from Nottingham.Contact me direct
by Suhndog, Published on 16:42, 13th Sep 2017
I have a nice Baldwin Cinema 2 Theater Organ for Free to a good home!I have restored it, and it works fine!You will need to come and pick it up please.For more info and details, you may email me at: suhndog@gmail.comI need the space, and that is why I want it to go to a new home, church, etc.Thank
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Rodgers 735 with external audio

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HCOSI, 01:05, 13th Oct 2017 Rodgers 735 with external audio
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Rodgers MX-200

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Technics SX-GA1digital organ in excellent condition

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