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by Skerr, Published on 18:32, 21st May 2017
by yourtaxesatwork, Published on 17:46, 21st May 2017
All I know for sure about this is what was on the Kimball web site (for mfr date), from the serial number I was told that the three adjacent rings on each side denoted that it was a 'Mormonite" model. I don't know if that is true, but it was shipped to SLC in early 1893, so probably so. Kimball m
by Harrywom, Published on 17:49, 17th May 2017
This organ has been sitting in a living room for years without being played. The power switch will not turn on. I have the owners manual and the receipt. It is in excellent condition.
by lelister192, Published on 20:21, 16th May 2017
I am selling my Allen MDS-5 Digital Computer Organ, because I do not have room for it. Everything is in very good working condition. There are a few scrapes on the pedals and very small chips in the wood, but other than that it is mint. All of the electronics work perfectly. A couple of the keys cla
by Jerry L, Published on 17:56, 16th May 2017
TECHNICS ELECTRIC ORGAN (PANASONIC) BEAUTIFUL Originally sold for around $10,000. The Organ is High Tech with lots of features that the big organs have. Thousands of sound combinations. Compact Size, White Formica. Includes Bench with storage. Everything works except the disc drive. Has the Easy-
by rschreiber, Published on 17:34, 14th May 2017
This is a Baldwin D-910 with only one owner. I am moving and cannot take this instrument with me. If it does not find a new home soon it will have to be destroyed (which breaks my heart). The case work is in near perfect condition. AGO keyboards, pedal board, and bench. It does not play and I *t
by portlandmaine, Published on 16:46, 14th May 2017
I am in Maine. This is also listed on eBay. The MIDI controller is a clearly handmade with some inconsistencies in the construction, sags a little in the middle (see pictures) and is a little loose in spots, but it functions fine electronically. Good luck finding another two-manual midi controller
by Phedge, Published on 19:50, 10th May 2017
We have an old church organ that is in good shape, but we don't need it any more. Had a guy come by after responding to a craigslist add and told me to try my luck on here. He said it is easy to pull apart for anyone interested in pieces. Make an offer!
by suavorecki71, Published on 01:04, 10th May 2017
I am selling my beloved chopped Hammond A-100 w/Leslie 760 and extras. I use a Mojo for live gigs and anticipate getting a stock B3 and leslie for my studio. I purchased the organ in 1999 from a company (now defunct) out of Oregon for $3,500. The internal and external of the organ: It is an A-10
by MBorganist, Published on 10:08, 6th May 2017
Stop Jambs with end caps are from a Rodgers 885 2 manual PDI Digital Organ. Jambs are in excellent condition. All stops functioning prior to removal. Great for that VPO Hauptwerk Project!!! Asking $450.00 plus shipping.
by teony20, Published on 16:50, 30th Apr 2017
Lowrey Celebration C-500 Organ. Please help to find a new home. It must be moved no later than Mayi 12th. It is located on the 2nd floor of a house in Charelstown, RI and it will require professional movers -- probably at least 3 men.
by skydawg, Published on 16:21, 23rd Apr 2017
Hi,I`m looking for an E Concert Hammond,complete,restored or needing work,hopefully within 500 mi of NNJ.Thanks.
by chuckstarck, Published on 20:27, 19th Apr 2017
Complete Orchestra Bells, transformer, key switches, cable, cabinet and bells. Top of the cabinet has water stains but you could paint it yellow and blue if it offends you. This a complete system, could be used on a hauptwerk system or any organ for that matter with normal key spacing.
by Mike Kearney, Published on 18:09, 19th Apr 2017
I have what was a working Baldwin Model 5 (Serial 5-8032). I had to get it out of the house, so I broke it down into its components. The case (in small parts) is in excellent condition. All the tubes worked. It is on my porch and if it is not gone in 30 days, it must go in the trash. This is fre
by vinniedonegan, Published on 14:20, 12th Apr 2017
My name is Vinnie Donegan, I am selling my Leslie 222 Tone Cabinet. In case you are interested I am providing you with a link to the Ebay item. Thank you in advance for your time as I know it is valuable. Sincerely, Vincent Joseph Donegan
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Lowrey Promenade LX400

Lowrey Promenade LX400

For Sale $900.00

Expires: 14:27, 19th Mar 2014 Lowrey Promenade LX400
Hammond XK3c System with speaker

Hammond XK3c System with speaker

For Sale $7,995.00

Expires: 22:44, 20th Mar 2014 Hammond XK3c System with speaker
Gulbransen theatre organ cabinet and pedals

Gulbransen theatre organ cabinet and pedals

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Wurlitzer cabinet with bass pedals, volume pedal

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Technics SX-GA1digital organ in excellent condition

Technics SX-GA1digital organ in excellent condition

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Expires: 20:28, 1st Apr 2014 Technics SX-GA1digital organ in excellent condition