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Wurlitzer 4600 ES Reed organ + 420 Spectratone Tone Cabinet + Service Manuals
by daytonampco, Published on 00:48, 19th Mar 2017
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Condition: Good
Location: Fairborn, OH
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This is a beautiful Wurlitzer 4600 ES reed organ that I spent over a year trying to acquire. I was fully aware of its rarity so I bought it in order to preserve it. I also had intentions to eventually restore it. I am considering rehoming it with someone who can realize its fullest capabilities better than myself.

This organ is all original in good cosmetic condition. It has one major blemish that is easy to see just below the speaker and a minor blemish on the left side, also visible.

The keys are free of chips. All keys work, as do the foot pedals. One or two pedals will need the contact adjusted but that should not be a major undertaking.

Electronically the organ is in good operating order with two issues. The Sustain II does not seem to effect the manuals in the way Sustain I and II do the foot pedals. Secondly, the flute stop for the lower manual does not activate the relay. Everything else works perfectly.

The organ is nearly silent in its operation with no power supply hum. There is a faint hint of the reeds in the background. There is an adjustment screw that can remedy this. I'd be happy to do that for its future owner as it is not a difficult undertaking. I just have not got around to it yet.

I have done a very small amount of work on the organ. I powered it up on a variac when acquired. I also found an out of place 15M resistor in the back of the organ and replaced it with a 1M. There was one missing fundamental on certain E keys that came back when I did that. Finally, I repaired some broken wires on the speaker's HF horn.

I have no doubts that someone familiar with these organs could easily have it in top shape in no time.


The Wurlitzer 420 Spectratone tone cabinet was a craigslist find. I thought it would make a great companion to this organ. After a lot of work, it does.

The cabinet is in average to good cosmetic condition on its front and sides. The top leaves a quite bit to be desired but the finish is still there. It is a different color than the organ sadly. The speakers are originals and still working great.

The 420 functions as it should electrically and mechanically. I have put a lot of time into making sure it works properly. I will include a list of repairs below.

Electrical: Replace filter capacitors with equivalent 525V CE can, replace coupling capacitors, replace large 1000uF relay capacitor, bias power tubes to 33 mA, add a 350 ohm 10w resistor between rectifier and filter cap to protect rectifier tube from large start up currents, and a new JJ 5U4GB rectifier tube.

Mechanical: Replace Spectratone drive motor, new Spectratone drive belt (and spare) from Moorelock's, hard mounted coil on spectratone unit to solve vibration/rattle issue stemming from dried old rubber dampers.

Cabling: Custom power/input/relay 6 pin input cable made. It terminates to the Aux Speaker terminals on the 4600, has its own 2 prong power cable, and has inputs for a Spectratone switch setup. This was originally a temporary solution but can be employed by the future owner if they do not plan to move the organ.

I also happened to make my own Spectratone switch based off the schematic. It is a three position switch that switches between the mid/high range drivers in the Spectratone cabinet. "Up" is a stationary tweeter + rotating speakers. "Middle" is just the rotating speakers. "Down" is just the stationary tweeter (no chorus/vibrato effect.)


The new owner they will be provided with a service manual for the 4600 organ, schematics for the 420 and 420A tone cabinets, service bulletins, and a Spectratone drive belt. All were purchased new from Moorelock's.


I want to be clear that I do not need to sell this setup. I bought it and repaired it for my own enjoyment as well as to preserve a wonderful piece of history. However, I am not an organ player. I'm a lot more at home on stringed instruments. I am just a hobbyist who appreciates the creative thinking, intricate detail, and engineering that went into these old organs. Not to mention the sound! I used to love noodling on tonewheel Hammonds until I picked this organ up. I was always enthralled with the sound and feel of the gigantic pipe organs I saw in church as a child. This organ brought that sound right into my home. It was an incredible thing hearing it for the first time.

I am open to the possibility of rehoming this organ and tone cabinet to a collector/player who has always dreamed of owning/playing on one of these setups. I want it to go a loving home where it will bring someone immense enjoyment every time they flip the power switch and hear the blower spin up because they know how what beautiful sounds are about to follow.

Obviously there still a little TLC to be done on the organ but is mostly there. It only needs the final touches to be ready for another 60 years. I have invested over $500 into getting this setup to where it is now. Please make what you feel is a reasonable offer for the entire package.

Package includes: Wurlitzer 4600 ES reed organ, Wurlitzer Spectratone 420 tone cabinet, new 4600 service manual, 420 schematics, 420A schematics, spare 420 drive belt, and the bench pictured.


**Note: This organ weighs close to 500 lbs and the tone cabinet weighs in the ballpark of 100 lbs. You will need to hire professional movers or bring proper equipment and several strong people to move this organ out of my home. There is a clear path out the rear door directly to a concrete porch connected to the concrete driveway.**
daytonampco  (2)

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